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Sound Theatre

New Project No. 423 (working title) (2017)

The beginnings of a new automated sound theatre work, NP423 is a rhythmic and dream-like performance of hacked, circuit-bent and repurposed domestic objects. (In Development).

The Horse (2016)

A dark, dreamlike concerto for saxophone featuring live and automated instruments which uses data from the horse head nebula to create a surreal performance of sound, light, movement and smell

Crush (2015)

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As the looming carwash robot goes about its work, tune in to this live sound work from inside your vehicle, synchronised to the robot’s graceful movements.

Created in collaboration with Sam Routledge. Premiered at Junction Festival 2015 and presented at Festival of Live Art 2016

Grave Listening (2015)

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A 40' song cycle for soprano, circuit bent instruments and cemetery sounds, in collaboration with David Young and Margaret Cameron.

Terminal (2014)

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A sound theatre work based on my reoccuring dream of a rat. Premiered as part of Next Wave Festival 2014

The Green Room (2013)

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A site specific performance work created in collaboration with Jane Longhurst at the Hobart Domain Gunpowder Magazine

Starchild (2012)

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Chamber opera premiered at MONA FOMA 2013

From the Garden of Sad Dreams (2011)

A lantern takes her to a strange garden, where there is a little bird asleep in a tree, screaming.
Premiered @ Music11, Switzerland, 2011, by Jessica Aszodi, Tim Munro, Clara Warnaar Joseph Van Hassel

The Curious Light of Mister Moon (2010)

A chamber opera based on the works of the Japanese absurdist writer Taruho Inagaki. Premiered @ Patricia Corbett Theatre, CCM, Cincinnati by Mike Lunoe (Percussion) and Michael Linert (Countertenor / cello)


Bellow (2017)

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An installation work for automated organ and electronics, inspired by wet caves. Drops of water trigger sensors to create patterns of sound and light and over the course of the festival build the structure of the work, drip by drip. Commissioned by Ten Days on the Island 2017.

Crossing (2017)

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Blowing into a sensor results in various patterns of sound and light, determined by the strength of the breath. Created as part of Crossing a project by Unconscious Collective

Between Attraction & Monstration (2013)

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Concert Music

not to end the unendable - solo piano, 7' (2014)

la musica callada - vocal ensemble, 9' (2013)

moths & mushrooms - solo piano, 9' (2011)

acirema - Bb clarinet & piano, 9' (2011)

e's circumstance - soprano sax + chamber ensemble, 10' (2010)

Psalm 84 (-.11) - Baritone, Bass, Piano, Violin, Percussion & 4 Flutes, 7' (2008)

through the looking glass (a child's garden of grass) Flute, Guitar, Percussion, 5', (2007)

a hidden blade - soprano sax, cello, percussion, 5', (2006)


Commissioned Sound

Panorama - Stompin Youth Dance Company (2016)

100 Reasons for War - Blue Cow Theatre (2015)

In Development

empty orchestra

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